“The term capitalism comes from the Latin word 'caput', which means 'the head', originally the head of cattle in the sense of livestock. The herd generally characterizes all the livestock of a farm, but we also speak of human herd in a contemptuous way in the case of slavery or prostitution. Human animality echoes strangely through animal idiocy, those animal expressions used in everyday speech in a familiar fashion... (2015)
 Fat cow
 Black as a raven
 Duck walking
 Man is a wolf to man
 Soft like a lamb
 Play cat perched
 Do not sell the bear's skin before killing it
 Laying in the sun
 Funny zebra
 Beaten dog head
 Great as a giraffe
 Running like a rabbit
 A little pig
 Sly as a fox
 Strong as an ox
 Between dog and wolf
 Freezing cold